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Ignore the highlight reels!

Social Media Highlights

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others.

This week I’ve had a big reminder about why I am still chugging away in the fitness industry.

It’s not because I want to help everyone get buff or fit into a bikini.


I am passionate about helping you realise that RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE ENOUGH.


Regardless of what you might tell yourself, you are good enough and you can FEEL great.

I hear so many women beat themselves up about not being able to lose weight, stick to a diet or cut back on their drinking. The list goes on….

Do you know what, that’s normal.

You are enough quote

Life can be challenging and at times downright hard, especially as we get older.

You might be dealing with kids, ageing parents, health issues and money worries and for some reason, with all of this going on we beat ourselves up when we can’t make changes.

  • You’ve decided it’s time to cut back the drinking.
  • To lose weight
  • To add in some self-care

But then after just a few days, it’s all too hard and you’re left feeling like a failure again.

Do you know what?

It is hard and the reality is all the highlight reels on social media aren’t helping.

They’re fake….

Fake Social Media Highlights

I’ve just had a month where all my healthy habits went out the window.

  • I was sick…
  • My car blew up…
  • I dropped a 10kg weight on my big toe..
  • Exhausted…
  • I think I had a drink on most days…
  • Can’t remember exercising much….
  • I felt like crap….

I was giving my all to a project I was working on at the expense of my own health.

This was not anyone else’s fault, it was MY CHOICE but at the end of it all I was left feeling underappreciated and treated like crap.

Wow, was this a good wakeup call for me!

I’d made a CHOICE to put someone else before me.

I felt embarrassed.

I know at certain times of our lives, putting others first is inevitable (sick kids, helping family etc) but a lot of the time we CHOOSE to put ourselves last.

When we put ourselves last, nothing works well.

It’s hard to make changes when you are helping everyone else.  

If I can get one message out there, you are enough.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with so many amazing individuals over the past 15 years and what I’ve learnt is that NO ONE IS PERFECT. Most of the people I work with love a drink, some hate exercise and for some reason believe the only way to feel great is to become this perfect person they’ve seen somewhere on social media.

It’s crap.

You don’t have to be perfect.

Progress over Perfection
  • It’s about improving your life by implementing some new healthy habits that you do consistently.
  • It’s about constantly picking yourself up when you go off track.
  • It’s about being kind to yourself and constantly investing in you.

I’m FAR from perfect.

I used to question if I should be in the fitness industry.

  • I don’t walk around with a 6 pack (that would require me giving up too many things that I love 🍫)
  • I have a drink when I feel like it 🍻.
  • I don’t wear fitness tights.
  • I’m no good at taking selfies.
  • I don’t make green smoothies.
  • I hate cooking.


What I do is:

  • Focus on things that make me feel good.
  • I spend some time on me each day (it can be as simple as a coffee in the morning in peace).
  • I exercise for both my health (helps keep cancer away) and my mindset.
  • I eat well most of the time because it gives me more energy and I feel better.
  • I make sleep a priority because without enough, I’m a cranky bitch and eat too much sugar.
  • When life gets too stressful, I make changes.
  • I no longer look to socials for inspiration. I look to my circle. I’m so lucky to be inspired by the people I choose to have in my life.

I just have to look at my fitness circle and I have multiple ladies in their 60’s who get up at 5am, turn up to Bootcamp and have the strength and fitness that would whip many 20-year-olds.

A gorgeous woman who is her 50’s and has been through the toughest thing ANY parent could ever go through and gets up each day and constantly betters herself (she’s buff, fit, lean and never brags about herself).

The bloke who has been supporting his partner through cancer who is the sweetest guy I know. Always underestimating himself but keeps turning up and working on himself, even with all the challenges that life presents itself.

My sisters who both found out they had the BRCA1 gene last year and are navigating what this means and the surgeries they’ve chosen to have to ensure they live a long healthy life.

I could go on and on….

I’m lucky.

These people are all just ‘normal’, but they have chosen to keep working on themselves, focussing on what they can.

We can all do that.

Have an amazing day.

❤️ Hilds