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Siobhain 12 Week Body Transformation Success Story

12 Week Body Transformation Siobhan

I decided to take on the 12 week Challenge with a friend. 

Before deciding to do the challenge I was training for a full and a half marathon but unfortunately got sick and was told I could not train for these events, although at the time I was too sick to do any training.

We found Hilds website through a forum on the net and all the success stories where inspiring not to mention how fantastic Hilds looks. 

I actually wanted to come out looking like Peta Robinson from the website!!!

I did 11 weeks as the 12th week fell on a family trip to Bali.  I told Hilds all about my illness and she created a training program around my needs.  Because I was a runner I was not very toned so I was keen to tone up and be healthy again I stuck to the diet plan and started doing heavy weights with little cardio for the first six weeks to see how I handled it.  I got stronger and fitter and was feeling healthy again.

As you can see I didn’t come out looking like Peta Robinson but I did tone up and I have my health back.  I feel now that I can continue on this path to become even more toned and am looking forward to the challenge.

If you are stuck in a rut or are constantly going to the gym and not seeing any results I recommend you try one of Hilds programs.  Everything is tailored to you personally not just a template that so many of the larger companies provide.
Hilds provides ongoing email support and the Facebook page is great for support from other women also completing programs.
Take the plunge you won’t be sorry.

*DISCLAIMER Results may vary from person to person

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