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Struggling to get back on track after holidays!

Get Active Personal Trainers Hilde and Cam

Yep, that’s been me….

I’ve been back for over a week now and I must admit I’m struggling a bit to get out of holiday mode.

This school holidays we went to Bali to celebrate Cam’s 50th and we had an amazing time.

Lots of pool time, sun and beer!

Holiday fun!!! (Braden is in the picture, just hiding behind us trying to photo bomb us)

Yes, lots of beer!!! I’m not even a big beer drinker but sitting by the pool in Bali that super cold Bintang tasted really good.

Afternoon Pizza and Beer, working on my beer belly, ha, ha!

You may have gathered I’m not one to stick to any rigid diet or training while on holidays. Actually, I never really stick to anything too rigid (seems to make me feel deprived and makes me do the opposite, ha, ha).

Anyway, I did manage to keep up some exercise. I mainly do that as it makes me FEEL great while away. I tend to do shorter exercise sessions with the priority being finishing feeling good (mentally).

This trip the first place we stayed had a decent gym, so I did a bit of cardio and weights, plus some walks on the streets exploring. The second place we stayed didn’t have a gym although did have some dumbbells, so I managed to get creative and do a couple of workouts around the Villa. I did get a bit lazy by the end of it all but wasn’t too bothered as life back home is kind of crazy so slowing down on holidays is lovely.

Not a bad spot to do a workout!!! (take me back……)

Now I’m back, I’m struggling to get right back into it, although with Christmas around the corner I know I need to as nothing beats FINISHING the year feeling great.

So, I need a plan.

Here it is and I’m sharing my plan with you for two reasons!

Number 1 – Some of you might benefit from it after school holidays too!

Number 2 – I need accountability and by letting you all know what I’m up to it keeps me accountable.

My plan:

  • Spend the weekend getting back into the routine of doing food prep.
  • Plan out my training and put it somewhere the whole family can see.
  • Start next week with my 7 Day Reset – If you want a copy for free simply email me and I’ll forward it to you.
  • My goal is to finish the year feeling AWESOME!!!!!

Let’s finish 2019 feeling great! (can you believe it’s getting so close to Christmas)

Hope you’re having a great Hump Day.

Love, Hilds

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