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Amy I Before and After pics

After the birth of my second child and putting on 20 kg during that pregnancy I was at my heaviest weight ever.

I felt awful and wanted to change, so when my baby was 10 weeks old I decided it was time to do something about it.

I had tried to get in shape before but always got to about 1 month and question if what i was doing was right and would quit. So this time i decided to enlist the help of get active online. I signed up and decided to trust that it would work and follow the program.

The first few weeks went really well and by week 6 I was back in my pre pregnancy clothes. I wasn’t perfect and had a couple of bad days but would just carry on the next day with the program.

Some days were hard and I wasn’t getting much sleep, but I decided I was tired anyway and told myself some exercise might make me feel better when I struggled to get the training in.

I found the hardest part of the program was believing that I could do it and really being honest with myself about bad habits that I needed to change.

I took the good days with the bad and carried on and by christmas day I was at my goal weight one week ahead of schedule!

I am ready to start the new year 9kg lighter and feel like myself again.

Thank you to Hilde for getting me through the tough times and encouraging me when I thought I couldn’t do it!

Believe in yourself and the program and you will get there!


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