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Overcoming Obstacles

I thought it was important to write about how “normal” it is to experience challenges or times in our lives that are alot tougher than others. 


I know we all want our 12 Week Challenge to run smoothly, we have a plan and just want to train hard and do the best we can each and every day. Although as you are progressing nicely something happens, you get sick, experience a loss, move house or break up with your patner!

“That wasn’t meant to happen!”


One minute you are on top of the world and feeling great and the next it just all seems too hard. You quickly forget how good you feel from regular exercise and eating well and find it easier to do nothing and feel sorry for yourself!

Firstly I wanted to say this is “normal”, everyone goes through times in their life that are tough and we all have different ways of coping, for some it is to eat or drink! But does this really make us feel better? I can honestly say that the answer is “NO” it doesn’t make us feel any better and actually ends up making us feel worse!

I can say this as I have personally just experienced one of the toughest times of my life and I have learnt that nothing feels better than looking after yourself, training hard and eating well!

I recently found out i was pregnant for the first time only to find out that I was also going to miscarry.


This has been so tough as one minute I was ecstatic and the next I’m highly stressed and feeling quite ill (from all day morning sickness) and just constantly worried over what was going to happen.

Although as hard as the last few weeks have been it has made me realise what is the most important things in life:
Family, friends and your health!

So after weeks of feeling “very” average I’m back in the gym and eating well and can’t describe how good this has been for me both mentally and physically. Sometimes we forget the “real” reasons we should exercise and eat well! I know I need it more for my mental state as I’m just so much happier and positive when I’m active! The added bonus is a fit & healthy body.

Sometimes if we focus to much on the end result (a great body) we forget about the real reasons that we should eat well & train hard!


So if your stuggling for motivation or going through a difficult patch try and think back to when you “really” felt good about yourself and simply do what needs to be done to get yourself back in that happy place.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, we just need to look for it!

Cheers, Hilds

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